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SEO - Search engine optimization

Optimizing your website is, above all, the correct selection and placement on the site of those words and phrases that users often ask in his search queries on the subject. But this, of course, extremely arbitrary and simplified wording reflects only the subject matter.

The solution to this problem involves not only issues of copywriting, but many of the technical aspects of a site-building, including the optimization of the navigation links and the application code.

The result is determined by rating of attendance and positioning of the site for selected keywords.

Research indicates that search engines provide 40 to 70 percent of the total traffic of Web site. They are the principal means by which Internet users find information they are interested.

Optimizing your site for the search engines means more chances that users will find your site as in response to a query entered into the search engine.

In addition, visitors coming to your site from a search engine, on average, brings to six times more sales than a visitor who came to your site by simply clicking on the banner.

This can be explained from the psychological point of view: the visitor who purposefully looking for something by using a search engine, is more valuable and more targeted than the visitor who just clicked on a beautiful, enticing image. It is possible just say: if your site does not go in search engines for the necessary demands is that you have no website.

Work on the site promotion is a long process that takes from two to six months. Do not seduced by offers to promote your site for two weeks! Although it is possible, but the methods used in such cases (so-called "black") will eventually lead to the complete exclusion of your site from the results of search queries. And it's always happens, it's a matter of time.

Also, after creating the site and posting it online, you shouldn't just simply wait until it will index by search engines. Often this process takes a lot of time or at all does not work, because of unoptimized site structure. The sooner you take care of the optimization, the better. This is necessary to ensure that your site could be allocated among the many sites of competitors, could attract targeted visitors and convert them into buyers. Site optimization is a critical element of web projects, it's often more effective business tool than the other type of Internet advertising. Unlike hype advertising, imposing upon buyer what he didn't need, site optimization allows client to go to the information he is looking.

And once again, returning to the beginning, it is worth noting that the main thing is the structure and content of the site, as well as its relevance. Many companies will help you move the site to the first position, but keep it there can help you or its quality, either permanent cash infusion.

In any case efforts aimed at optimizing your site for search engines will pay you handsomely.